Just like the Earth puts out its growth, just like a garden grows its seeds, so the Lord our God will grow justice and praise for all people. Isaiah 61:11

Who We Are

St. Paul's United Church is a community of faith that tries to make a difference in the world. During Covid we've been trying new things and adapting as God has been leading us into the future.

Sunday Morning

Every Sunday we get to praise Jesus and celebrate God's presence in our church! We worship both online through Facebook Live, Youtube & in-person at 10:30am on Sundays.

Radical Hospitality

In everything we do, in worship and in programs, we seek to practice the radical hospitality that Jesus shows us in his ministry. Everyone is welcome, no matter our age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or anything else. We are committed to reconciliation and passionate about welcoming newcomers to Canada and our city.

Lively Worship

We use uplifting and inspiring music, whether its an old favourite given a modern spin or fresh new songs. We ask a thought-provoking question to explore together each service. When we can do so safely we have lots of coffee and snacks and a half-time during worship so we can refill our coffee, load up on snacks, and meet someone new. Our worship gatherings and sermons seek to explore the wisdom of Scripture and how it can apply in our real lives and to our world.


God is on mission throughout the world, and we join God to make a difference with community partners both in our own neighbourhood such as Sutherland School, in our city with partners like the Lighthouse, and around the world.We've been creative during Covid, whether it's cleaning up our neighbourhood or making Christmas hampers.

During the Week

Our faith doesn't stop on Sunday mornings each and every day as we join God to make a difference andseek to grow in our faith


God calls people of all ages to learn together and connect, and so we aspire to be a pangenerational community of faith. During Covid we've been adapting, often around the church year, to offer people of all ages resources to explore faith together.

Centred in God

Everything we do is about experiencing God's life- changing, world-transforming love in our lives and sharing that experience of God's. Scripture, faith, and God are at the heart of everything we do, all the time.

Spiritual Growth Groups

God calls us all to grow in faith, and we so we have multiple spiritual growth groups for people to gather around Scripture and connect for prayer and support.

Our Core Values

Worship joyfully Show compassion to all

Grow spiritually Serve with enthusiasm

Practice radical hospitality Seek justice

Communicate openly Live thankfully

Our Bedrock Beliefs

Jesus Christ is our teacher and role model

God's love never quits

God is our strength

Faith in God gives hope

Our Purpose

Growing together in Jesus Christ to change lives and make a difference in the world.

What kind of church we are at St. Paul's United

We are a church that is not afraid to do things differently, to be brave and bold in pursuit of God’s mission in the world. We take risks, experiment, and innovate. We are relentlessly optimistic, passionate about being welcoming, our worship is experiential, participatory, image-rich, and connecting. We are ready for the future God is preparing for us and our part to play in that work.